“Hayley’s Massages have helped me control my stress levels which in turn make my IBS and Depression easier to manage.

The massages help to not only relax but help me feel good about myself which leads to a very restful evening after and a very good sleep (which in itself is a fantastic mood booster!) Hayley also helps me with the side of effects of my office job which has left me with very tight shoulders and aching tight hands.

Hayley uses her skill to help relieve the tension with care and precision and the areas are a lot more manageable. Without massages to help my IBS & Depression I would be on several medications and I am very happy with Hayley’s holistic natural approach to make me feel better.” Female, 25.

“After my first massage treatment with Hayley felt completely relaxed and had a full night’s sleep, something that hadn’t happened in years. I am looking forward to future treatments and would definitely recommend Fuller Therapy.” Female, 47

“Before I started my treatment I had an existing issue with my left shoulder. This was exacerbated by long hours sitting at a desk. I also suffered from high stress levels which made it practically impossible to relax and caused an irregular sleep pattern.

I found that after my sessions the tightness in my shoulders and lower back was relieved of tension and I experienced much milder headaches on a smaller basis. I believe this has helped lower my stress levels, which in turn has helped me relax and improved my sleeping pattern.

Since I have finished my treatment my shoulder and back pain have been more relaxed with improved mobility and strength. However, this has deteriorated the longer I have done without the massages and I would consider implementing them into my general lifestyle.” Male, 34.

“I found my experiences with Hayley’s massage therapy to be extremely beneficial. Stress levels would accumulate during the week but with Hayley’ therapy sessions stress levels were noticeably reduced each time.

I found myself blocking out times to sleep uninterrupted which hasn’t happened in years, I would wake up full of energy which was a really positive start and made a huge difference on my outlook for the day.

Since massages stopped there has been increases in stress levels due to my work, without the therapy stress has definitely been apparent in my day to day life. I would definitely consider implementing massage therapy into my life as it has proven to be a good stress reducer, improved my sleep and encourages a happier lifestyle”  Male, 28.

“Hayley has a real talent in tuning into your stressors and setting a relaxing environment to let go in. Her massages are designed specifically for your requirements and hit key problem areas helping you feel the benefits a lot faster than usual. Will definitely be booking again!” Female, 31.

“Prior to my course of massages with Hayley my stress levels were high as a lot was changing in my life. My main aim from the massages was to help me switch off and relax even if it was just for the rest of that day. That is exactly what happened. It really helped me reach a better state mentally and emotionally. Due to my job being fairly physical I would have preferred the massages to go a little deeper, but the overall treatment was extremely good. My life still gives me high stress levels so for that I would definitely consider taking up a course of massages to help me deal with it. Overall I did benefit from the massages, but I feel I need to be getting them done on a long term basis for me to really advance.” Male, 27.