About Fuller Therapy

Fuller Therapy was established to provide a complete package for clients to improve their current health, well-being and performance rates. With treatments available ranging in pressures and suitable for all body types and ages there is most definitely something for everyone to enjoy within the therapies provided. Massage therapy can still be considered by many as a tool purely for relaxation or viewed as an out-of-reach indulgence; at Fuller Therapy we have built our treatment and pricing list to encourage individuals to incorporate massage therapy into their everyday lives. By setting our therapies at affordable and reasonable prices they can be used as tools to progress your well being rather than just a lovely one-off treat. Although there’s nothing wrong with having an hour to switch off from the outside world’s stresses and completely relax!

By taking a holistic approach to treating the body as a whole we are able to locate origins of tension and relieve stress held in within the body whilst treating the current illnesses or injuries in unison; in doing so we can prolong the emotional and physical stresses many encounter on a regular basis and provide a longer period of full well-being.

Our priority is to understand each client’s needs and goals during an initial consultation then tailor a treatment plan specifically for the individual, ensuring you get exactly what you need. Dependent on your requirements the therapist can advise on a single session or construct a long term treatment plan with exercises and nutritional information post-treatment to extend and maintain the benefits into a longer period of good health. Aromatherapy oils can also be beneficial in creating blends to compliment the carrier oils used and dependent on the selection made can energise, soothe or help to heal tension carried. Please see our Holistic Therapy page if you would like to find a blend that would suit you.

Whether you are looking for recovery assistance from an injury, physical maintenance for endurance or high-level exercise, improvement of general health or simply pure relaxation there is a treatment for you. Simply visit the Contact Us page to take the first step in improving your well-being.

Hayley Fuller

Having grown studying the art of Wado-Ryu for 10+ years Hayley has seen firsthand the pressures and demands people can put on their bodies. And whilst the body is capable of performing amazing athletic achievements it is important not to forget the importance of your personal well-being. Hayley was first interested in massage therapy when travelling through Koh Samui and experiencing a traditional Thai Massage. Customarily called Nuat Phaen Boran the deep tissue treatment incorporates muscle manipulation leaving you energized and very awake!

From that trip it was a journey of sampling different versions of reflexology, spiritual healing and holistic treatments to find what suited best. Hayley began her training into becoming an accredited practitioner at London College of Massage in January 2014; since then it has been a whirlwind of text-book and hands-on learning. Having found a new passion in helping heal people through the establishment of Fuller Therapy she is excited as to what challenges and opportunities the year will bring.

Having qualified as a Practitioner in Deep Tissue Massage and Holistic Swedish Massage Hayley has set to apply her knowledge and skills to help treat and educate others into the countless benefits massage therapy can bring.